"The songs we write are about where we live and things that happen around us."


Glynn lives just outside the fen village of North Kyme. He moved down to Lincolnshire 25 years ago from the Isle of Axholme.  By trade he is a flight simulator engineer .  He has played in many bands throughout his years but the Ruffs have been his first venture into "local music for local people".

Passionate about his fenland village of North Kyme, Glynn chairs the parish council and has after 10 years completed a passionate project of building a new village hall for North Kyme. Glynn's main interests are making ridiculous inventions that people have probably already invented.  At the moment he is working on a barn renovation that runs completely from wind and solar power. He aims to finish it before he dies.  If he's lucky


Since forming the Billinger Ruffs back in 2003, its turned out to be one of the most fun bands I've been involved with.   We have as much fun writing the songs as we do performing them because some of the lyrics we come up with can't  possibly be used, without being sued by every man and his dog.

Mick has been playing my guitar in bands since he was 13 .

The bands Mick has played with cover a wide range of styles from Rock to Motown including a very successful Glam Rock tribute band called the Glamsters. He also doubles up to front the popular club band JFK

"I never thought I would ever play Folk, but this is music from the grass roots and you know what.... I LIKE IT !!!!"


Folk to me is just that, and not pretending to be Scottish, Welsh or Irish, although my dad was Irish.

This is good old English folk from the fens .


Trevor was born in Derbyshire in 1958.  He comes from three generations of miners.  The family moved to Lincolnshire where Trevor spent his senior school education at Bourne. He was one of eight children.

Trevor loves life, he enjoys writing songs, singing, travelling, watching sport, fine wines and spending quality time with his partner and children whom he adores.

Four of Trev's Children are 100% Yellow Bellies.

Now busy involving himself in the running of the Mall pub in Woodhall Spa.  Pop in and say hello.